Monday, September 15, 2008

An update from Billie and Ray Kearney as to their whereabouts

Received the following from Billie and Ray Kearney:

Ray and I are in San Antonio staying with his daughter Julie. Her phone number is 830 980-2539. We were at home during the storm. Ray had carotid artery surgery on Tuesday the 9th of Sept., they released him from the hospital at 1pm on Thursday just before the hospital went into a lockdown mode at 9pm. We went home and felt we could not leave town so soon after his surgery. The doctor did give permission to travel is we had to.

I was born and raised in Galveston, TX and have stayed on the island through many storms growning up. I lived in LaMarque/Texas City area during Carla and had to evacuate to Houston for that one. IKE was terrible, 92mph at Hobby Airport, and we live about 3-4 miles away. Saturday morning after the storm passed, we found tree limbs everywhere, part of our fence on side of house down, and gutter damage on same side of house. We are very lucky. No electricity or water and the neighbors put the fence back up for us. Ray is not to lift anything. At about 6pm on Saturday I loaded all of the frozen food from Freezer into ice chests, grabbed a few packed bags that I had ready and headed for San Antonio.

I have a son in Friendswood, a daughter in Houston that lives close to Reliant Stadium and another son in Bellaire. They are all without power and water, but still at home.
Ray has a son in Lumberton, north of Beaumont and he is without power but has a generator.

I talked to Nat Laffere this morning, she lives in San Antonio. She talked with Jinx Manning yesterday. Jinx has a sailboat in her swimming pool, she lives in Clear Lake Shores, water front, and her house looks out toward Watergate Marina. Her house is on stilts but her daughter, who lives in house behind Jinx, stayed on the Island. She said the water reached Jinx\'s porch level and therefore feels that at least the carpet is wet. Daughter and son-in-law used an inflatible to go to front of house to see the Sailboat.

Karen Coady evacuated to Austin, she has a son living there. Karen is right on Galveston Bay and I do not know if her house is still there or not.

Charles Ashford went to his son\'s in the Dallas area.

In case any of you do not know, if you have internet, you can go to and see video of the damage in the area.

Billie and Ray

D/Lt/Shirley Heald, AP
District 21 Executive Officer

Shirley D. Heald on 9/15/2008 4:31 PM