Monday, September 15, 2008

More D/21 members affected by Ike heard from

Received word today from D/Lt/C Scott and Claire McDonald as per below:


Claire, Fiona and I are safe at home.  We\'re lucky - we just got power back early this morning.  We are inside the loop in Houston.  The house is undamaged, but we had several trees down.  Lots of cleanup, we we\'re in great shape.

- Scott

And from P/C Karen Coady:

My house  didn\'t do so well -took the brunt of tidal surge with debris of neighbor\'s piers landing where front of my house once stood.  Parts of roof gone as well. My piano survived though, and that had great sentimental value.

Don\'t know yet where I\'ll be- probably at son\'s League city home-and living at the office!!!  Very busy with everyone\'s claims. Karen

And from our D/C Jean Hamilton:

Hi Shirley:
The kids & I got here at 0900 EDST - just got the computers going.  We had a safe trip and observed almost a constant convoy of supplies and electric power trucks from Houston through Mobile.
We\'ll be here at least through the 19th.
Thanks for being the communicator!

Keep the cards and letters coming, everyone, until we know you are all safe or if you need any help we might be able to provide.


Shirley D. Heald on 9/15/2008 12:20 PM