Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More info from Karen Coady, free supplies at her office tomorrow

Please see the update from Karen Coady and the offer of help of supplies from Nationwide at her office tomorrow.

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The good news is that my Mom, step-dad Larry, doggy Stormy and I are
safe. And it appears from Josh and Jeff\'s account that most of our
personal belongings survived. My piano and all my shoes are ok-what more
could I ask?

Bad news part: Parts of the house didn\'t make it -porch swept away and
replaced by boat house debris from several neighbors piers,etc-roof
cave-in in bathroom and kitchen area-house unliveable at present.

The little house to the north of me-where we have utilized the porch
during Labor Day picnic is now mostly like a carport. Walls and contents
washed into the street. This was a weekend house for the neighbors but
is still very upsetting to have been so damaged.

House just to the south of me had a large above ground pool in yard on
the bayside and the pool/spa is now wedged up under their house. Most
of trees are down,too.

In spite of the damage, I feel incredibly fortunate-the bulk-heading
held up beautifully and most of the pier is still there (boathouse part
is gone).

I am leaving Austin in a few hours - will be staying with Jeff and
Klayre-parents are in their motorhome (with Stormy) and staying at a
state park until we can get some sense of our immediate future.

(Billie, pass on my note as you feel appropriate.)

Everyone, keep the faith, we WILL survive! Nationwide will have
Humanitarian station at my Clear Lke office tomorrow for a week amd
provide ice, formula, etc. Pls pass the word-free to everyone while
supplies last.


D/Lt/C Shirley Heald, AP
District 21 Executive Officer

Shirley D. Heald on 9/16/2008 12:18 PM