Friday, July 25, 2008

Dolly Update

1041 24 July 2008

Due to Dolly\'s long meander over the valley, many members have some damage to deal with, Power outages to live through, and other things to work around.

So we are canceling the D21 Coop Charting event for this weekend that we were co-hosting with Austin Power Squadron.

The LRGV bridge will work together with Austin Power Squadron and the District to re-schedule this event later in the year.

I hope everyone is safe and sound and the damage was minimal.

For me, I don\'t have any damage but I am living on an island. The resaca over-flowed last night and was knocking at my door this morning. Thank heaven there wasn\'t one drop of rain today, and the water level went down about 3 inches so far. If it had rained it surely would have gone up and into my house. There is still 15-18 inches of water in the street so I can\'t get my vehicles out. If the water keeps draining, I hope to be able to get out tomorrow.

Chris Rakestraw spent the windy hours with me here and we caught a ride tonight over to check out her place. No flooding and no damage to RV trailer or truck. All is well for both of us.

Let us know how you fared. Inquiring minds want to know. I have had several requests from District members who are worried about us down here.

Attached are a few pictures of my place.

Kay Polt

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dolly Update

2128 24 July 2008

stopped by the hotel tonight and canceled the Coop Charting event.

Their phones were down most of the day but are up now. (which is why people who tried to call today didn\'t get an answer.) The lady at the front desk was answering it tonight one after the other telling people they did not have rooms. So expect a busy signal and try again.

She went thru the list of people she had registered under Power Squadron, there were six:

Barb Ketchum
Frank B (she didn\'t write down the last name before she canceled it and then couldn\'t remember it. DB2000 shows two Frank B.s - Boerner from GB and Beneke from Houston.)
Shirley Heald
Jean Hamilton
James Harrison
Jack Peters

I canceled all of these reservations.

If you have a reservation and your name is not on this list, I did NOT cancel it. You will have to call yourself.
American Best Value Inn (Formerly the Ramada Limited)

The hotel suffered some damage to the roof and they told me they had some musty rooms, but people right now are desperate for a dry bed and they were full up. I don\'t think it hurt their feelings that we canceled this weekend. They actually seemed relieved.

I have picked all the emails from DB2000 for this list to notify ya\'ll, but didn\'t have one listed for Frank Beneke. If he\'s the one with the reservation, can someone please let him know.

Please also pass this information on to those members you know who had reservations but are not on this list.

Additional info regarding Chris\'s place. We waded through my new lake and a friend picked us up on the dry side and gave us a ride over to Chris\'s RV. No flooding, no damage to either trailer or truck. There was a little bit of water in the bathroom where a vent lid came open, but as luck would have it a garbage can was precisely positioned under it and captured about 2 inches of water before it could get to the floor.

In general, her RV park suffered damage to skirting, awnings, and car ports. There was one RV tipped over on it\'s side and another 5th wheel unit that had sunk it\'s front landing gear into the mud so it was tipped forward. Some of the \"stick buildings\" lost some shingles. All in all, very low damage for an RV park that got pounded by 20 inches of rain and 85-90 mph winds with gusts up to 105mph.

Chris now has coffee but is still short on Chocolate.....

PC Kay Polt

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D21 Dolly Update

1213 24 July 2008

DXO Shirley Heald safe in Fort Worth.

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Hurricane Dolly Impacts D21

1100 24 July 2008

The D/21 Coop Charting event in Harlingen/Port Isabel/Port Arroyo City scheduled for 25-27 July has been cancelled!

P/C Kay Polt ((in Harlingen), Lower Rio Grande Valley PS reports water up to her door, so far nothing inside - but it is still raining. Most roads are flooded at this time. P/C Christine Rakestraw (D/21 PRO) is at Kay\'s. (She says bring chocolate & coffee if you make a supply run.) There is no power anywhere, and no indications when any power would be restored. Media this A.M. suggested it would be a long time before power was restored to South Padre Island.

Kay has instructions to call the D/C who will communicate any needs as they arise. She was on the last few minutes of P/C battery power.

At this time, attempts to contact the hotel have not succeeded. The phone is ringing but no one answers.

Haven\'t heard from anyone else. DXO Shirley Heald went to South Padre Island Tuesday evening - last we heard. Should be able to communicate via Blackberry, but haven\'t heard anything.

D/21 Mascots Justinian & Marie Galante are disappointed, as they already had their life jackets and foul weather gear packed.

Other districts are cautioned not to take advantage of this adversity in order to attempt replacing D/21 as #1 in Coop Charting. We will reschedule this event and just think how many markers will be missing or out of place!

Updates will be posted as received.

D/C Goddess of Wx, R/C Jean.

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