Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike storm update from Lake Charles, LA squadron

Just received the below email from the Lake Charles, LA squadron{

Water is deep but spirits are high here in Lake Charles.   We are having record flooding (about one foot higher than Rita) here in Lake Charles.   We have no power but have heard there is power in some areas of town.   The flood waters are backing up in town and have flooded many neighborhoods.    We did not have much rain but the gulf is in our back yard.
The winds were steady at about 60 Mph.   We might have had gusts to 90 but nothing like they got in Port Arthur and Galveston.    I have a lot of friends down in Galveston that did not get their boats out.    Also, the dry storage and the Galveston Yacht Basin burned with all of the boats inside.   I am waiting to hear more from my friends that are down there now.    The morning report was they had 11.5 feet of water on the Strand.    They were trying to get GYB by boat but I have not heard from them again.
I will let you know as I know more.

Shirley D. Heald on 9/13/2008 4:28 PM