Monday, September 22, 2008

More Ike Galveston Bay members heard from

More from Billie and Ray Kearney and Galveston Bay members heard from:

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Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 8:01 PM
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Subject: FW: GBSPS--Billie Kearney IKE Information About Members


This is being sent from daughter Julia Kearney's email account because our web will not support multiple addressees.—Billie and Ray


Thursday the 18th of September


Just the Messenger, and all of our members have had a very busy week. IKE was a pretty tough guy.  My email list may not be up to date.  I brought my laptop with me to San Antoniobut forgot my memory stick, so my data may be a little off.  Anyway here goes….


The following is information that has been passed to me, it may or may not be completely accurate, but it is the best that we can do for now.


The D21 conference is scheduled for 3-4 Oct at the Hilton.  IKE took part of the facing off the building, windows were broken and the lobby had water.  Not sure if, where or when the conference will be held.


GalvestonBay's monthly meeting is on the calendar for 10 Oct.  IKE destroyed the facility that we were to use.  A replacement site has not been located yet.  That monthly meeting may be scrubbed.  Many ideas have been tossed around, just like our boats and houses…pardon the pun. 

If a place could be found should be set the meeting for the 11th and hold the Auction?
Forget about an October meeting?
Rent a place to store the auction items and hold the auction in May?

It is up to the eboard to make the final decision.


Our Building!!!  Roof is still there, not sure if it is completely intact.  We did have water; it appears to be in the East room and part of the Kitchen Bar area.  Rug is wet and some of the guys are trying to see about pulling the carpet.  Does not appear that any windows are broken.


Education classes are suspended until further notice because of repairs to the interior.


Lakewood Yacht had considerable dock damage and may have a gas line broken somewhere on the grounds.  They were not letting vehicles on the grounds, Tues.16th.  That may have been taken care of by now.  Betty Carr said that pictures were taken.


Our members!  This is info that I have heard, don't hold my feet to the fire for complete accuracy.

Marvin Frank – Boat is gone.  House has damage.

Harless Benthul – House is standing no word on boat.

Joe Brickha – Lost boat, it was seen in the pile of boats on I45.

Betty Carr – Boat is safe, House is safe with a few minor repairs.

Frank Lotz – Boat lost or damaged, they are OK.

John Krommenhoek – Water in house

Charles Ashford – Water in house

Mike Hancock – Boat is OK, all others on his dock are gone. 

Frank Boerner – Boat is OK, all others in his shed that listened to him as to how to secure are

also OK.  House OK, fence down.

Mike Trznadel – Boat at GalvestonYachtBasin, not found as yet.

Charles Scott – Boat is sunk

Jim Tyson – 3 ft water in house, Boat OK

Karen Coady – Front porch of house gone, now has piers and debris where porch was.  The roof over her bathroom and kitchen are gone.  House is not livable.

Raymond Kearney – Had carotid artery surgery on the 9th, released from hospital 11th, stayed at home during the storm.  We had minor damage to roof, fence and gutter.  We left for San Antonioon Saturday evening and are still in San Antonioand will stay put until we feel comfortable about returning.

Jinx Manning – Sailboat took a swim in her swimming pool and lost electric circuit box that feed house.

Marvin Radney – House OK. They live in Clear Lake Forest, a lot of trees down.


And if all of this is not enough, the Big Boat Show at Kemah is cancelled.  If you are signed up to work, work on your own property or your neighbors instead.

That's all for now folks, if any of you would like to send me email with your info, that would be wonderful.  I will pass on stuff as I receive it.


"Just the Messenger" – Billie Kearney



D/Lt/C Shirley Heald, AP
D/21 Executive Officer

Shirley D. Heald on 9/22/2008 8:43 PM