Thursday, November 01, 2012

Jean Hamilton and Dave Hinders - Sandy

Jean and Dave

Thanks for putting out the message this morning, I came to add my posts and found them already done. Having personally gone through the devastation of Frances and Jeanne (fortunately with a different spelling than yours!!) and the devastion it brought back in 2004, I know communication with the \"outside world\" is very important. I also discovered that members want to know how you are doing and want to listen. The only problem with that is that the unfortute homeowner is draining their cell phone battery with possibly no means to charge again. So one person calling and then posting here saves the homeowners battery power, and time that can be better spent drying out,saving \"precious\" items and calling their insurance company.

So members please look out for your Power Squadron family and then immediately post here so others do not have to call, if you want to touch base with friends, do it here - they will see your message when they hve power and time to follow up.


Nigel E. Hargreaves on 11/1/2012 9:16 AM