Friday, November 02, 2012

Bob Holub

from Don Clark:
NMC Committee Members:

I talked to Bob Holub today and Wednesday. He lives in Massapequa, NY and was greatly affected by the hurricane. He had flooding in the basement and virtually from the first floor down is ruined. Bob had his office in his basement. He said the local town officials are doing all they can and that one of his customers, a restaurant owner, is providing he and Nancy with hot meals. Phone service is difficult. I asked if there was any help I could give he said they were OK for the moment.

I will do all of the agenda schedules from now on and take all of the changes at my e-mail address or phone 352 861 2176.

If in the future there is a way to reach out to Bob and others affected, lets pitch in an help in any way we can.



Jean L. Hamilton on 11/2/112 6:00 PM