Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurricane Dolly Impacts D21

1100 24 July 2008

The D/21 Coop Charting event in Harlingen/Port Isabel/Port Arroyo City scheduled for 25-27 July has been cancelled!

P/C Kay Polt ((in Harlingen), Lower Rio Grande Valley PS reports water up to her door, so far nothing inside - but it is still raining. Most roads are flooded at this time. P/C Christine Rakestraw (D/21 PRO) is at Kay\'s. (She says bring chocolate & coffee if you make a supply run.) There is no power anywhere, and no indications when any power would be restored. Media this A.M. suggested it would be a long time before power was restored to South Padre Island.

Kay has instructions to call the D/C who will communicate any needs as they arise. She was on the last few minutes of P/C battery power.

At this time, attempts to contact the hotel have not succeeded. The phone is ringing but no one answers.

Haven\'t heard from anyone else. DXO Shirley Heald went to South Padre Island Tuesday evening - last we heard. Should be able to communicate via Blackberry, but haven\'t heard anything.

D/21 Mascots Justinian & Marie Galante are disappointed, as they already had their life jackets and foul weather gear packed.

Other districts are cautioned not to take advantage of this adversity in order to attempt replacing D/21 as #1 in Coop Charting. We will reschedule this event and just think how many markers will be missing or out of place!

Updates will be posted as received.

D/C Goddess of Wx, R/C Jean.

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